Monday, July 5, 2010

Board of Directors for Year 2010-2011

President Douglas Oh Aik Kim (HP: +6012-521 6883) Email:

  1. Honorary Secretary : Lion Andrew Choong Wai Weng (+6016-488 8882)
  2. Honorary Treasurer : Lion Chan Wong Mei (+6012-553 9723) Email:
  3. 1st Vice President : Lion Leong Choon Chieh (+6012-473 3473) Email:
  4. 2nd Vice President : Jimmy Ong Chin Keng (+6012-488 5538) Email:
  5. 3rd Vice President : Ng Hong Kiat (+6012-400 5667) Email:
  6. Membership Director : PP Lion Ong Chin Seng (6012-473 9958)
  7. Tamer: Lion Ng Hai Twan (+6016-418 2698)
  8. Tail Twister : Lion George Lee Seng Chit (+6012-438 5211)
  9. Director (1 year)/Advisor : PP Lion Teoh Ming Liang
  10. Director (1 year)/Advisor : PP Saw Soon Kooi
  11. Director (1 year) : PP Lion Tan Kheng Liat
  12. Director ( 1 year) : PP Lion Sunny Tan Teong Siew
  13. Director ( 1 year) : PP Lion Peter Chung Kean Beng
  14. Director ( 1 year) : PP Lion Lee Boon Hoe
  15. Director ( 1 year) : Lion Oon Jin Leong
  16. Director ( 2 year) : PP Lion Steven Ng Liang Teik
  17. Director ( 2 year) : PP Lion Ong Hong Sing
  18. Director ( 2 year) : Lion Jeffrey Chun Fook Min
  19. Director ( 2 year ) : Lion Steven Ooi Siew Seong
  20. Director ( 2 year) : PP Lion Thomas Alexander
  21. Director ( 2 year) : Lion Dr. Low Siak Kheng
  22. Director ( 2 Year) : Lion Lee Kean Teong
  23. Director (co-opt)/Advisor : PCC Dr. Ong Tat Lien.
  24. Director (co-opt) : PP Lion Lawrence Cheah Seong Paik
  25. Director (co-opt) : PP Lion Chong Boon Hee
  26. Director (co-opt) : PP Lion Ooi Aik Seng
  27. Director (co-opt) : Lion Eugene Goh Ewe Gin
  28. Director (co-opt) : Lion Taguchi Osamu
  29. Director (co-opt) : Lion Tan Kok Wei
  30. Director (co-opt) : PP Lion Dr. Manjit Singh
  31. Director (co-opt) : Lion Daniel Choo Theam Yew
  32. Director (co-opt) : PDG Dr. P.P.Shah
  33. Director (co-opt) : Lion Ivan Lee Shien Yaw
  34. Director (co-opt) : Lion Lim Aun Ghee
  35. Director (co-opt) : Lion Koay Swee Thye
  36. Director (co-opt) : Lion Ananda Naidu
  37. Director (co-opt) : Lion Dr. Terlochan Singh
  38. Director (co-opt) : Lion Henry Tow Foo Chong
  39. Director (co-opt) : Lion David Lim Yuus Hook
  40. Director (co-opt) : Lion Kelvin Loh
  41. Director (co-opt) : Lion Ng Choon Keat
  42. Director (co-opt) : Lion Jimmy Khor Keat Meng
  43. Director (co-opt) : PP Lion Captain I.T.Ooi

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

14th Chinese New Year Charity Vegetarian Dinner

The 14th CNY Charity dinner held on 20th Feb 2010 (Saturday) at PISA,Penang was a great success. Once again LCGT had completed a major project in which total attendance was more than 2000 diners taking up 209 tables of which 100 tables was allocated to invited homes for the elders and under privileged children throughout Penang State. This is a joint project with Penang State Government of which the proceeds was share between Penang Hardcore Poor Fund and LCGT Old Folks Fund. At the end of the day, total net fund raised was RM65,738.90 and our Board has decided to give RM40,000 to Penang Hardcore Poor Fund and Balance to LCGT Old Folks Fund. Well done, Organising Chairman Lion Steven Ooi and all his committees for a perfect fund raising project in memory of our Late President Lion Anthony Lee who has carried this event in aid of Elders for the past 12 years.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Memory of Late president Lion Anthony Lee & Supporting his CNY Charity Dinner Project.

Our Late President Lion Anthony Lee Kin On passed away peacefully on Dec 9, 2009. He has just celebrated his 50th Birthday on December 4, 1959. To all of us "He is not gone, He is just away. With a cheery smile and the wave of hand, He has wandered into an unknown land."

All our club members missed him alot especially with his witty remarks and unlimited energy. His passion for Lionism has never waver since he joined our club 12 years ago. On January 10, 2010 during the Club 46th Charter Anniversary, International Director, Hajjah Ellis Suriyati read a tribute and presented a President Award and pin posthumously to his wife, Ms Serena.

Our Club 1st Vice President Lion Oh Aik Kim took over the Club President with effect from January 2010. President Oh has great respect for Late President Anthony and he will continue the good job and outstanding projects as identified by the Late President.

One of the biggest dream for Late President Anthony was to continue the Chinese New Year Charity Dinner for Old Folks homes which he has been doing for the past 12 consecutive years.

For the 2010, the Penang State Government together with our Club are co organising the event which will be held at the following date and venue:-

14th Chinese New Year Charity Vegetarian Dinner

Date: 20th February 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 6.00pm

Venue: Penang International Sport Arena (PISA)

Ticket are avaliable as follows:-

(i) per table RM500
( Expected to sell 200 tables to the public)

(ii) Donation/sponsor Old Folks Homes as RM250 per table
( About 100 tables will be given free to various homes and charitable organisation throughout Penang State of which 40 tables are allocated to 40 state assemblyman in Penang)

Proceed from the Donation
The Net Proceed from the above project will be distibuted equally between Penang Hardcore Poor Fund and LCGT's Old Folks Fund.

We hope more members and their families can attend this special occasion which coincided with the "Yee Shang's day". We have also line up special program with invited singers and performance during the dinner.

Those who wish to buy ticket or pledge donation, please contact the following committees:-

President Oh Aik Kim (HP : 016-521 6883)

Organising Chairman, Lion Steven Ooi (HP: 019-470 6262)

Lion Ng Hai Twan (HP: 016-418 2698)

Lion Jimmy Ong (HP: 012- 488 5538)